Noir: White Russian

This is a supernatural thriller where photography revives the dead. The novel takes place in 1950s Detroit, featuring a group of busybodies that stick their noses into an immortal crime lord’s affairs.

This manuscript is completed and available for any literary agents or publishers interested in my work. Drop by my contact page if you’d like to get in touch with me.

A Loonatic's Tale

A babysitting gig devolves into property damage and government conspiracies in this comedic story. Originally a webcomic series, A Loonatic’s Tale is now adapted into a novelization.

Though this manuscript is a work in progress, please contact me if you’re interested in the project.


There Was a Young Man Who Swallowed His Pride

From the point-of-view of Pen Lapin, he strikes up a deal with a broke man looking for a quick buck.

Short Stories

'49 Was a Bad Year

Fleeing for his life, Boyer locks himself in a motel room with just his insecurities and darkest thoughts for company. WARNING: contains alcoholism and self-harm.

Part I
Part II
Part III